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I have been joyfully practicing alternative and complementary medicine since the late 1970’s. Wow – that’s a long time, and I just dated myself! So you may as well know, I have three gorgeous daughters, and am blessed with SIX amazing grandchildren!

When I’m not playing with one of those babies, or hiking in the Colorado mountains, or hanging out with my best friend and hubby, Michael, I am most often at work, using the tools of Chinese Medicine, mindfulness and laughter to help folks like you feel better all over.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine are powerful tools for restoring health and vitality to the human body, emotions and mind. I welcome your questions and curiosity!

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Women’s Health

I have a particular interest in treating women’s health, from strange or awful periods, to fertility, to pregnancy, to postpartum, and on to menopause.

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Men’s Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine as it as been practiced for 3,000 years is focused on total well-being. Pain, injuries, fatigue, anxiety, issues with sleep, urination, or sexual function are indicators that the vital energies in the body are not functioning up to their potential. Chinese Medicine incorporates the use of acupuncture, herbal medicinals, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and specific exercises to help increase vitality and improve well-being.

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